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Exterior Products

- Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra - 425 Oak 0.75L
- OSMO UK Post Fix
- Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra - 425 Oak
- Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra 420
- Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra 420 Clear 0.75L

Flooring Adhesives

- Lecol 5500 Adhesive 16kg
- Lecol 5500 Adhesive 25kg
- Wakol MS 228 Flooring Adhesive
- Lecol (Wakol) MS 260 Plus Parquet Adhesive 18kg
- Wakol MS 230 Parquet Adhesive
- Lecol 5500 Adhesive 6kg
- Wakol MS 265 Adhesive Sausage x 10 Plus Bulk Gun
- Wakol PU 225 Flooring Adhesive 7kg
- Lecol (Wakol) MS 265 Parquet Adhesive 600cc Sausage
- Lecol (Wakol) Manual Bulk Gun
- Lecol (Wakol) Adhesive Trowel
- Bona Adhesive Trowel
- Wakol MS 230 Flooring Adhesive 9kg
- Bona R850 Flooring Adhesive 15kg

Wood Floor Fillers

- Lecol 7500 Filler 5kg
- Bona Mix and Fill 5l
- Lecol 7500 Filler 0.8kg
- Bona Mix and Fill 1l
- Bona Gap Master
- Wood Filler Spatula
- Osmo Wood Filler

Floor Varnish

- Bona Mega Silk Matt 5l
- Bona Mega Matt 5l
- Bona Mega Gloss 5l
- Bona Mega Extra Matt 5l
- Lecol Loba 2K Invisible Protect 5L
- Lecol Lobadur WS Viva 5L
- Lecol Lobadur WS Life Satin 5L
- Lecol Loba Whitener
- Bona Traffic HD
- Bona Mega Silk Matt 1l
- Bona Traffic Natural
- Bona Mega Matt 1l
- Bona Mega Gloss 1l
- Bona Crosslinker
- Lecol Lobadur WS 2K Fusion 5L
- Bona Traffic Anti Slip Matt 5l
- Bona Mega Natural 5l
- Bona Roller Handle - Blue
- Blue Candy Striper Roller
- Bona Sportive Line Marking Paint 1.75l
- Bona Sportive Finish Matt 10L
- Bona Traffic HD Hardener 0.45L

Wood Floor Primers

- Wakol D3055 Universal Primer 10kg
- Bona White Prime 5L
- Lecol (Wakol) PU 280 Primer 5kg
- Wakol MS 330 Silane Primer 10kg
- Lecol (Wakol) PU 280 Primer 11kg
- Wakol D 3035 Primer 10kg
- Bona Classic Primer 5l
- Bona Prime Intense 5l
- Lecol Lobadur WS EasyPrime 5L
- Lecol Lobadur PrimaSeal Plus 5L
- Lecol (Wakol) Roller Head for PU280 and Oil
- Wakol D 3045 Primer 12kg
- Wakol MS 330 Silane Primer 5kg
- Bona Naturale Base 5L
- Bona Classic Primer 1l
- Bona Sportive Primer 10l
- Lecol (Wakol) D3074 Primer 1L
- Lecol (Wakol) D3074 Primer 5L

Floor Oil

- Osmo Polyx Oil 2.5L
- Osmo Polyx Oil Tints 5ml Sample
- Osmo Polyx Oil 0.75L
- Osmo Polyx Oil 10L
- Lecol Lobasol Markant Oil 2.5L
- Osmo Polyx Oil Tints 2.5L
- Osmo Polyx Oil Tints 0.75L
- Osmo Polyx Oil Rapid 2.5L
- Osmo Polyx Oil Rapid 0.75L
- Osmo Polyx Oil 2K Pure 1L
- Osmo Wood Protector 4006
- Osmo Wood Wax Finish Transparent 2.5L
- Osmo Wood Wax Finish Transparent 0.75L
- Osmo Floor Brush 150mm
- Osmo Polyx Oil 3.0L (Clear Satin 3032)
- Osmo Floor Brush 220mm
- Osmo Floor Brush 400mm
- Osmo Roller Head
- Osmo Repair Set
- Osmo Polyx Oil 5ml Sample
- WOCA Hardwax Oil Natural 2.5L
- WOCA Hardwax Oil Natural 0.75L
- WOCA Hardwax Oil Extra White 0.75L

Floor Cleaners

- Junckers SylvaCleaner 5L
- Junckers SylvaCleaner 2.5L
- Junckers SylvaCleaner 1L
- Junckers Rustic Oil 0.75L
- Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5L
- Junckers Rustic Oil 5L
- Osmo Maintenance Oil
- Osmo Wash And Care 8016 5L
- Bona Spray Mop
- Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Cartridge
- Osmo Wash And Care 8016 1L
- Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit (Including Mop)
- Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner 3029 1L
- Lecol Lobacare Cleaner 1L
- Lecol Lobacare ParkettOil 1L
- Lecol Lobacare CareRemover 1L
- Bona Freshen Up 5L
- Bona Freshen Up 1L
- Bona Cleaner 5L
- Bona Cleaner 1L
- Bona Wood Floor Refresher 1L
- Bona Cleaning Pad
- Bona Applicator Pad
- Bona Polish Gloss 5l
- Bona Polish Matt 1l
- Bona Polish Gloss 1l
- Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Refill 4L
- Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Spray 1l
- Bona Polish Remover 1L
- WOCA Maintenance Box for Oiled Floors - Natural
- WOCA Maintenance Box for Oiled Floors - White
- WOCA Oil Refresher White 0.25L
- WOCA Oil Refresher White 1L
- WOCA Oil Refresher Natural 1L
- WOCA Oil Refresher Natural 2.5L
- WOCA Oil Refresher White 2.5L
- WOCA Intensive Cleaner Spray


- Alveolit Underlay 25msq roll
- Alveolit Foam Underlay 15msq roll
- Timbermate Excel Acoustic Underlay DPM 4mm (15m sq Roll)
- Timbermate Duratex Acoustic Underlay 4mm (15m sq Roll)
- Alveolit Foam Underlay 50msq roll
- TimberTech2 Bronze 2mm Underlay
- Alveolit Foam Underlay 100msq roll
- TimberTech2 Silver Plus DPM 3mm Underlay 10m sq Roll
- 2mm Cork Flooring Underlay 30msq roll
- Timbermate Excel Tape 25m Roll

Flooring Abrasives

- Bona 7 inch Sanding Discs 178x8mm
- Bona Sanding Belts 200 x 750mm
- Bona Sanding Belts 250 x 750mm

Floor Levelling Compounds

- Wakol Z 715 Levelling Compound 25kg
- LECOL (WAKOL) Z 615 Levelling Compound 25kg

Skirtings & Mouldings

- Oak Skirting Torus and Chamfered 120mm
- Oak Architrave Chamfered 70mm
- Oak Architrave Torus 70mm
- Reducer Ramp Hardwood Moulding
- Square Nose Hardwood Moulding
- T-Bar Hardwood Mouldings
- Stair Nose Hardwood Moulding (TG)
- Stair Nose Hardwood Moulding (Lock Connect)
- Scotia Hardwood Moulding
- Quadrant Hardwood Moulding

Engineered Flooring

- Haro Parquet 3000 Oak Universal 1 Strip Engineered
- HARO Oak Tobacco Grey
- 191mm Walnut Select Oiled
- 150mm Select Oak Unfinished
- 150mm Rustic Oak Oiled
- 150mm Rustic Oak Lacquered
- 150mm Oak Plank Brown Oiled
- 150mm Oak Distressed Stained and Oiled
- 143mm Oak Select Fumigated Oiled
- 191mm Rustic Oak Oiled
- 191mm Select Oak Unfinished
- 191mm Oak Structure Brushed and Oiled
- 191mm Oak Structure Oiled
- 150mm Walnut Select Oiled
- 183mm Fumigated Oak Brushed and Oiled
- HARO Parquet 4000 Oak Family Longstrip
- 150mm Rustic Oak Unfinished
- 150mm Select Oak Lacquered
- 191mm Oak Structure Unfinished

Fitting Accessories

- Porta-Nailer 403 Wood Floor Nailer Kit
- Porta-Nailer Flooring Mallet
- Porta-Nails Floor Nails - Pack of 1000

Laminate Flooring

- Haro Loft 4V Oak Veneto Crema
- Haro Loft 4V Oak Portland Puro
- Haro Loft 4V Oak Contura smoked
- Haro Loft 4V Oak Emilia Honey
- Haro Loft 4V Scandinavian Oak
- Haro Loft 4V Oak Emilia Light Grey
- Haro Loft 4V Italian Walnut pores matt
- Haro Loft 4V Oak Emilia White

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